Friday, July 13, 2007

Where Did This Week Go

So...I haven't picked up my camera in 5 days! I don't know how that happened. It was a good week with some photo worthy events, they just didn't get taken!

On Monday we took Ian on his first weekly city bus excursion. He LOVED it. We rode downtown and walked around, ending up in Old Sacramento. He loved watching the horses and just being outside. He had "rice and beans" for lunch, his FAVORITE meal. He has started saying "rice and beans" at about every meal. He cracks me up with how he says it with such enthusiasm. Shea is working on the video (he is still trying to figure out his new toy :) )

He was a tired little guy by the time we came home (after his typical nap time). Poor little guy didn't understand why we had to let 3 buses pass before we could get on one. By three he'll be a city bus pro!

I really can't remember what we did the rest of the week...I can remember yesterday some still though!

Last night we all went to the Tri workout and he (once again) cracked me up! He started out by passing gu to EVERYONE! He was sooo proud of himself. After the workout he passed out cups to everyone (again proud of himself).

The next couple of weeks are packed with activities...I will take pictures!

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Michelle Filo said...

aww so you are going to need a "the best moments are not recorded on pictures" layout :)
My Matty loves buses :)
The last two weeks have dissapeared for me.. at least the album is done and now I cant wait to see it in print, thanks for the support and beautiful comments along the way :)


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