Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Momma Said...

there'd be days like this!

refused to wear pants
stuffed newly washed blanket into toilet
while unrolling all toilet paper
took cd's out of the cabinet
inserted said cd into computer and was found listening to Christmas music
broke a yard stick into 2 pieces and ran around the house with the sharp pointy piece
pooped 3 times before 10am
broke just about everything he could get his hands on
climbed onto his bench in his bedroom to get closer to the ABC's


he's outside with Dad...I needed a break!


AmandaKayte said...

oh katrina!! i just laughed and laughed at that...i remember those days...glad they're gone! =-) looking forward to seeing u this weekend!!!

Sars said...

Pants are highly overrated... one of my students was sagging so badly that his pants fell off as he was giving a presentation.


Michelle Filo said...

I am with you girl! I am with you!
and the break? they have no idea how well deserved these breaks are ;)

mumzy said...

Oh my gosh!
Denise and I laughed so hard, he is truly a 2 year old think of going through that 5 times..oh my..
where is grandma when you need her lol.


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