Thursday, November 08, 2007

Get The Lead Out!

So...I'm beginning to think that just about any toy that we might buy, be given, inherit, have in the house already might just be recalled tomorrow. I'm beginning to see something very positive in this though! We are slowly sorting through toys and creating less and less mess! My Christmas gift theory is that Ian should only receive books and nonpainted nonplastic toys. Yeah! Not a lot more stuff to be added to my living room. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate all the thoughtfulness of everyone, but we simply don't have room anymore! (and he's only 2!)

So this year I plan on giving him card board boxes, books, and maybe an unpainted wooden block or two!

Now if they would just recall all the boxes stacked in our garage!

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Michelle Filo said...

so, I am with you one that one 100%, and still I am having a birthday party for the boys this year before going to Brazil and having TWO more parties(one in each hometown)... lucky the people in Brazil just know I won't be taking any toys back with me, so they are buying clothes :D I have too much of that too LOL hope you get what you wish for for christmas!

(I am so curious about your mom's card!!! hehehe)


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