Friday, March 04, 2011

When A Boy Outgrows His Space

Little boys grow up.

Camera skills improve.

Things change.

It is time for About A Boy to grow up. Today I say goodbye to the blog I started for a little boy on July 17th, 2006.

Perhaps you will join me in my new endeavor? Click on over to CaptureYour365. Now it's about YOU.


mollie said...

Say it isn't so!!!!!

I know that I will love the new blog, Katrina . . . but I am so going to miss "About a Boy".

Aidee said...

The new blog looks great! I am excited about this new phase, but I am going to miss "About a Boy" too. said...

Thanks for the memories Miss K! And EVERYTHING else too!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I am going to miss About a boy I loved seeing his cute face.
Makes me sad.
Love U


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