Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Beach Beckons

So mom woke up yesterday and said, "I've gotta get out of this place!" Just an hour later and we were off to the Beach. I decided to sleep all the way there because who can stand their babbling, although I did miss my time with Terri Gross. Bodega Bay doesn't really compare to Hawaii (mom needs to post some of those pix just like Auntie Sarah just did), but it was 30 degrees cooler than Sacramento...and...a BEACH!

I wasn't afraid of the water AT ALL, in fact mom and dad kept saying "Ian's fearless"...whatever that means. I came home (again sleeping to avoid them) with a load of sand between many body parts that mom and dad are still discovering. All in all an excellent outing! Now I've gotta get them to head to Tahoe...I hate this heat!


Leo said...

I love these pics. He really looks like he is enjoying the water.

Sars said...

For not being able to walk, he certainly can pen one hell of a blog post...


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