Friday, November 17, 2006

Books and Lashes

Ian loves to read! He spends hours sitting looking at his books, turning the pages, "reading" them. I love to watch him get so excited when he finds something he really likes in them -- typically lions or ducks. He will roar with glee or quack uncontrollably! Why is it that kids learn animal sounds first?

He is gathering quite a library in our living room. He has taken over an entire shelf of a bookcase and is slowly moving into the one above it! Before he was born I was so worried that he wouldn't like books. I wasn't sure I could cope with a child that didn't connect with my favorite thing! That makes me laugh now since there are SOOOO many other things to cope with including his latest tantrums if he can't go outside or dig in the trash! Oh Boy!

***What do you think of my new lens?? I'm loving it!***

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