Wednesday, November 01, 2006

El Diablo

Trick or Treat
Smell My Feet
I'm Cranky And Want to Go Home!

So Ian's first trick or treat outing ended after knocking on one door! We visited Uncle Justin who was still at work and then attempted to visit a friend's house to the sounds of screaming from the back seat. It was the longest 5 minute drive of my life! We decided that between the time change and all of the excitement it was just a little too much for a little guy so home we went.

He did successfully, although reluctantly visit our next door neighbor's house. Then it was home for dinner and watching trick or treaters from inside. Year one = one house so I'm thinking year two = two houses. I can handle this pace!

Once you discover the vat of candy why go door to door?

1 comment:

Leo said...

A vat of candy is so much more fun than walking around in the cold!

Love the pajamas! Tim and I love putting it on Leo, it's so cozy.


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