Monday, January 22, 2007

We miss Dad!

So Dad (aka Shea) went back to work today. After a month of having fun we are forced back into a routine that doesn't include morning outings to Starbucks, trips to the zoo, laying around in our pajamas or sadly long hot showers without interuption!

It was a great month with at least 6 bloggable moments and events that I will now condense into as few as blogger will allow!


Ian started his Pint Sized Picassos class two weeks ago (and is sleeping through #3 as I type). It is a crazy fun hour and a half filled with washable paint that he has placed almost everywhere on his body and mine, home made playdough just like my mom made that he enjoys eating, stamps which are his favorite, and other art "stations" that rotate each week.

He loves watching the other kids and playing with the kitchen and slide in the room About half the time is art and the other running around with the other kids. He has discovered the sink and the step stool and insists he washes his hands whether or not they are dirty! I'm encouraging it hoping to create a handwasher since I detest sticky hands and fingers! I fear creating an obsessive compulsive behavior though!

1 comment:

mumzy said...

such consintration, beautiful art work
good job Ian..
was fun having you home for a little while

Love Mumzy


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