Saturday, May 26, 2007

Squinty Eyes

This silly kiddo can make me laugh when I need to most! For the last 6 months or so he's made this face when we say "squinty eyes". We think it started as his way of winking at us! He now has taken it to a new extreme putting his entire body into the action! He cracks me up.

This is also a really good shot of his chipped teeth!

He also slept through the night without any problem last night! Sprawled across Shea's side of the bed while dad slept in the living room! Oh my! What has our world come to! Tonight he's in his crib!


Sars said...

One of the cutest pictures ever!

Anonymous said...

I love baby faces! Maybe Ian's telling you it's time for a 'big boy bed'. They like to sprawl too.

mumzy said...

Oh Ian what a picture, makes you look so big,,,don't know if I like that (big part) but you are a cutie, love you


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