Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Ears

Everyone of my siblings and my nieces and nephew have their pictures at "the ears." It is a family tradition that is now about 40? years old I think! Wow...that is a long time when I write it! Some of those pictures are happy and some...well, not so happy! Justin's pouty picture is probably my favorite! He still doesn't like to have his picture taken 25 years later!

We were in Morro Bay this week part work and part pleasure. Ian loved the beach, and the "pirate boy", but his ear experience fell somewhere between happy and not so! Funny to think my parents took one or two pictures on their instamatic cameras and then waited to develop the film to see what they would look like. (and I love those pictures) Now Ian joins that family tradition. I clicked off about 5 pictures, looked at them, and then decided we needed more. So much changes, and so much stays the same.


Anonymous said...

What fun to see another picture of the ears added to our family album,
gramps and I were in Morro Bay this past weekend saw the ears and what fun memories came to mind..
Love you

Sars said...

He's become such a little boy! So cute! He is very missed here in Hercules!


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