Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Toddler DeTox

Well...we have entered hour 34 or so and all is well.

We had a 330-430am meltdown of sorts with everybody up trying to console a very unhappy little guy. Thankfully Mary Poppins, Pirate's Booty and a little water almost did the trick. We finally had to be the slightly bad parents I worry we are becoming and left him in his room to cry. I'm not sure how long he cried since I was out of it within a few seconds...bad mom!

Since our friends Terri and Lisa didn't have child care today he spent the entire day (from the moment I woke him and carried him to the car) playing with Jonah. The distraction was great!

He's sleeping now...and so should I...

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Michelle Filo said...

aww be strong! you guys are doing great!!! another coincidence, I am weaning Lucas right now, kinda know what you are going through ;)
when I decided to take the dummy from matty it was complicated, I had to let him cry to sleep for trhee nights in a row, but after that he was fine. The bottle he gave up slowly by himself even before the dummy.


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