Monday, September 17, 2007

Room Service and Cable

So I should be completely enjoying myself. A plane trip by myself. A hotel room with free wifi and cable. Room Service.

Funny how I miss Ian and Shea when I so often need a break when I'm around them!

Maybe it's the fact that I'm in San Bernardino and that my veggie burger was served on a hot dog bun and tv means nothing since I've not had one in my house in 5 years....

But I think I just miss them! Glad I'm going home tomorrow!

Off to find the Discovery Channel...maybe Deadliest Catch is on! (thanks Mom for showing me that!)


mumzy said...

Your welcome, but I like Reba too..
Hope the trip was good, and I miss Ian and Shea also
Love You.

Michelle Filo said...

I have no clue how I would feel Katrina, possibly like you. I would look forward to it and then only think about hubby and the kids LOL
Hope you have a great one :)


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