Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simply Our Path

For at least the next thirteen years, seventeen if all goes well*, I will have a child in school. It's a strange time. One of those moments that you wonder how the rest of the world is moving forward without marking the moment you are experiencing.

He likes to tell people his school is in his house. We have a year of adventure ahead of us. A year of figuring out balance and reaching out to family and friends to help us. I'm thrilled to be the one who watches him learn to read and write. It is different than my own experience and different than what I had expected for him.

Heck, six years ago I couldn't imagine having a child in my life, so I guess nothing should really surprise me now! He told me yesterday that he wanted to be born because parts of him loved me. He's a wise little soul.

I'm going to treasure this next year. I've finally given myself permission to focus on him and let other things happen as they will, because they will. It is a little strange to watch people's faces when we describe what we're doing. Some audibly worry that he won't get enough social interaction. I laugh as I think of the little boy I know who insists on introducing himself wherever we go. He's not a shy boy and I have no worries for him.

I'm so appreciative of those friends who have been supportive and without judgement. Those who have just listened. Those who understand that there are many paths and we've chosen one. It's not the right path, nor is it the wrong one. It is simply our path.

That alone makes it right.

*We might be in for more than 17 years as he asked yesterday if he could be a doctor so he could give shots and squeeze blood out. :)


Christi said...

Yeah! Kindergarten. He's getting so big. How can you stand it? :)

Kathy said...

Gotta do what works for you. :) To ensure that Ian has enough "social interaction" I feel it is imperative that he play with Addy and Corbin soon. :P
Take care!


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