Sunday, October 22, 2006

Babies On A Plane

Shea had the week off so we jumped on a plane for a visit with his sister's family in San Diego. It was a quick 3 days of the zoo, sunset on the beach, and juggling a 14 month old and 17 month old on opposite napping schedules! They had fun playing, but not really with each other. Ian also increased his asleep during take off record to 7 of 8! I think our days of easy flights may be numbered though!

Ian played with his cousin Kirin's toys! Toys that belong to someone else are always best!

They played with the goats in the petting zoo.

Ian showed us his ice cream tongue...mmmmmmmm

There was a panda sighting. (1 of only 12 in the United States!)

And back at Erin's we found a little monkey in the window!

Lots of books were enjoyed. (I think I can go a few months before I need to read Are You My Mother again!) They were okay with each other as long as there was NO TOUCHING!

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