Saturday, October 07, 2006

Baby Einstein?

Ian has asked me to take over his blog for a bit. He's just a little busy lately with playing, sleeping, growing, eating, and other toddler activities.

So tonight while giving him a bath we discovered that he might just be a little genius! I asked him where Sammy the Seal was and he picked it up. I asked him where Danger Duck was and, you guessed it, he picked it up. I asked him where his boat was and, once again, he picked it up! He didn't just recognize the right bath toy, he was able to distinguish them from the required thirty toys bobbing in the tub.

In our amazement we asked each other, "is he smarter than most babies?" And of course...we know the answer! I refuse to pick up a child development book to confirm.

--Ian's Mom

1 comment:

mumzy said...

and Ian's Mumzy confirms that.but mom where is the pic of the pumpkin????


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