Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Explanation Of Absence

Did you think I disappeared? Well, I guess I did. For the last week I've felt puny. Started with losing my voice and feeling tired, nothing else. Thursday in class I could barely speak by the end of the day. Over the weekend I just got more and more tired. No voice. Achey all over. Tired out with the simplest activity. (like going upstairs one time to get laundry or walking the ten steps into the garden to see the progress being made) Monday I felt no better and had to cancel class for fear I wouldn't be able to stand in front of the room for 7 hours. I inconvenienced 25 people attending and 5 other instructors who now have to adjust schedules so I can make up the day before the rest of the certificate program goes forward. Yesterday I slept all day hoping to make "it" go away. Last night I resorted to Nyquil and sleeping in the guest bed (aka the bed Ian doesn't sleep in). I can't recall a time when I drank the green liquid joy of Nyquil and didn't have positive immediate death like sleep results. Not last night. Awake every 1o minutes. Frustrated. I just kept thinking I took Nyquil! What the heck! This morning I woke up, feeling worse than I have in the last week, marched promptly to the phone and called the doctor. Mine is out of the office until the 17th so I said, "I don't care who sees me. Just give me who ever is available the earliest today."

After waiting for what seemed ages I was finally seen. My fears of getting the worst doctor ever, who else could possible have an opening an hour after the office opened during a sick time of year, were not realized. She was actually as delightful as anyone can be when you have a fever, achy bones, and just want to curl up in the corner and be done.

Seems I had a virus. And then got strep on top of the virus. Lovely. Quarantined. 24 hours. No contact with anyone outside my home. Not that anyone would want to see my nappy haired crusty faced yuckiness right now anyway. 

And Ian through all of this? He continues to give me his blanket so it will "feel me better." What a good guy! See you when they let me out of my house! 


mollie said...

So sorry that you are puny, Katrinia. :(

Ian loves you a bunch to offer his blanket to you . . . I'm not so sure that our grandson would give his up for his mom!!!

Let us know when you are feeling better . . . o.k.?

Terry said...

Hope you are up and at em soon! Your son is so thoughtful to give you his blankie.

Anonymous said...

oh no! I am sorry, but know that your guys are taking good care of you.. wish I could be there to help, Love U

Teri said...

Oh K. I am so sorry you are sick. Feel better soonly:)

L & O said...

Katrina, feel better soon. Ian is a sweetheart.

Maureen said...

Uh, you just described how I am feeling! I think I might have strep too. Guess I should find a doctor...

I hope you are feeling better!

Carol said...

AT least I'm in good company! LOL I've lost my voice too. Although my throat feels okay, it's just this darn coughing.

Hope you feel better soonest.


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