Thursday, April 30, 2009

POTD 043009 - Transformation

The entire purpose for my newly planted bed of sunflowers? Photos. And here they begin. Expect more. Does anyone want sunflower seeds? We don't eat them and well we are going to have 16 Mammoth sunflowers in our backyard. Expected size? 12 Feet! Just for the photos because well, that's what makes me happy!


Anonymous said...

what fun. we used to plant them to take to balch for the squirrels. i swear you can watch the plants grow they grow so fast.

Teri said...

Heehee K. I love to take pictures of sunflowers and that is why I plant them. Doug and I always have a planting "discussion" every spring. It goes something like this.....Are you going to plant those dang sunflowers again?.........Yes I am.

Suzanne said...

Your photos make me happy too Katrina! :) I love when you post b/c I know I'm in for some gorgeous eye candy!

Katrina said...

Thanks Suzanne! It makes me happy that you enjoy my photos :)

Ahhh Teri! I love that you completely understand me :)

Anonymous said...

Ok get bird feeders and feed them the seeds what fun for Ian to watch them fly to the seeds.


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