Friday, August 04, 2006

Call Me Ishmael

So...I've been noticing lately that my parents call me many many things. Kind of funny since I really don't call them much of anything and I still am able to get my point across.

Top Ten List For This Week
  1. Little Pooper (or just pooper for short) -- no explanation required
  2. Poopy Pooperson -- again, no explanation needed
  3. Cutie Pie -- usually from mom, she still hasn't figured out I'm not a fruit filled pastry
  4. Sweetie Pie -- ditto above
  5. Bud or Buddy -- I was okay with this until I met my Auntie Kelly's dog
  6. Dude -- some throwback to the late 80's early 90's I believe
  7. Mister or Little Mister -- I believe the correct term would be master but I'll give them a break, they are sleep deprived
  8. Little Man -- mom's favorite when she thinks I'm being sweet
  9. Senor -- dad's favorite typically with the phrase "uno moment" attached to it
  10. Ian -- my personal favorite although it does rhyme with a "p" word!


Leo said...

gosh, he looks so grown up in this picture!

Sars said...

Hehe, I like # 9.


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