Saturday, August 12, 2006

Scarred For Life...But For A Good Cause

My parents insist on getting me out of the house almost every Saturday and Sunday morning to go hangout with a group of people who are sweaty and smelly and REALLY fun to be around. They pass me from one person to another and I absolutely love it! I have at least 20 Aunties who I've know for A LONG time and about as many Uncles. Dad usually hangs out with me while mom attempts to run, ride her bike, or swim for a while. I'm not sure why she doesn't take me with her, but I'm sure glad when she comes back.

Today was a special day. We were going to meet Grandma Sue for pancakes after everyone ran in circles for an hour or so! Any day with Grandma Sue is a good day. Pancakes make it a GREAT day! Mom told me that all of the special people there were "honorees", I guess they are all leukemia survivors. I'm not quite sure what that means though.

I was just minding my own business cruising around looking at all of the cool things they had for everyone while mom and dad where off doing other things when I crashed (they left me in excellent care...for you worrywart relatives reading this) ! You know it happens! So my face is a little banged up...kind of cool though, my scratches are on the same side as dad's scar! I was such a big boy, I didn't even cry. I just needed to suck my thumb a bit when mom came back.

My poor Auntie Becky...she thought it was her fault...said something about paying for my college. I'll have to tell her later that I'm really ok, but she can always pitch in for school, I heard it is expensive.

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Anonymous said...

Ian: That is some battle wound the box won this round, but you will get it next time... Love you Mumzy


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