Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Someplace They Keep Calling "Home"

Isn't home Sacramento?

So my parents loaded me in the car on Sunday and brought me to this little town in the middle of nowhere. My Mumzy, Gramps, cousins, aunts, and Grandma and Grandpa are all here...for some reason. I like them all. We've been here a few days while my dad is fixing the house they lived in before me...he sure comes home dirty, so he must be doing a good job of fixing it. I like all the attention I'm getting, everyone here let's me get away with A LOT more than my parents do.

Can't write much, they use something called "Dial Up" and I guess pictures are out of the question.

Looking forward to being back home soon.


Sars said...

Dude, when you get back to town, come on over, we've got beers chilled in the 'fridge and mini soy hot-dogs...they're soy, I promise!

Sars said...

Now stop being so entertaining and let me get back to this essay! Rue the day!

Anonymous said...

you are to toooooo cute
and such a guy to laugh at your mom when she sat in dog poo


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