Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reasons To Be Happy...and reasons to be sad

He makes me smile.

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And today I need that. Seems like one bad thing after another this year. We just found out that our dear neighbor Paul is getting kicked out of his house because HIS LANDLORD missed 14 MONTHS of mortgage payments and the house is being foreclosed.  (14 payments which Paul handed him each month) He was given 3 days notice to move. Paul is on my speed dial. He waters our plants when we are gone. Brings in my trash can almost every week. Rakes my yard sometimes just because. Is kind to Ian. Best neighbor I've ever had.  Now he and his roommate need a home while his jerk of a LANDLORD sits in his house and ignores his obligations.


Heather said...

Grrr... things like that are so unfair and sad to hear. Good luck to him and hopefully things will work out and maybe he can stay in the neighbourhood.

sarah said...

K, that just stinks... I am sorry that because of one persons bad choice so many are affected.... Really hoping there is a lining to your cloud SOON! in the meantime little guy is too cute dawning his pirate hat or spacemans helmet ;)
gotta love that!

Anonymous said...

Oh! that is so sad I really like Paul and such a great neighbor, hope something good turns up for him, Ian will miss him so..
Love M

Anonymous said...

Hey Ian:
coool Hat looks like that was a fun thing to do.
Love you Mumzy

myra said...

that is horrible and inexcusable at the same time. i am so sorry to hear this, and sorry for Paul.

Amanda Christine Cox said...

What a greedy nasty SOB that landlord is!

That sucks.

Poor Paul.


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