Monday, February 09, 2009

Embracing My Frugality

Ian needs Valentine's cards. His party like most others in the 3 year old crowd is at preschool after nap time on Friday. It will be a candy, cookie, punch, and card filled fest. He knows he is giving cards but asked today if we could just redo Halloween instead. The kiddo really likes Halloween!

Alas, no Halloween redo, although we could use one given how last year's went. So tonight we set about making cards. I was determined to not spend anything on a piece of paper little fingers will get sticky, look at, toss into a bag along with others and ultimately toss. (probably in the trash can, even though most will be recyclable) Call me frugal. Call me cheap. Call me a curmudgeon. I just couldn't see spending money on waste.

Being on the Creative Team for Designer Digitals I have access to beautiful elements for making gorgeous cards. Last year I made them using some great products, stuffed them, took them to school and Ian really had no idea what occurred or that his name had been tied to a pink monkey hanging from a tree that said something like "I'm bananas for you" or some such nonsense. 

This year I was determined it be different. So I dug out a bunch of old paper from my paper scrapbooking days which were pre Ian and more of an excuse to get together with a few friends and chat all night. I had no design in mind. I just knew we were going to cut out hearts, use some stamps, some glue and see where it took us! Turns out he LOVED cutting out the cards. Of course that meant he got to pull the arm down on the Sizzix and cut out hearts. He decided he was Inspector Gadget and the Sizzix was a claw. He'd announce, "go go Gadget claw" each time he cut. He made it through about 10 before he needed a break and ran away. Then he was back, this time playing school complete with his backpack and addressing me as "teacher". After he made a trip into the "toy room" aka the living room he was back for some stamping of the word "happy" across a few hearts and then some strategic placing of stickers. 

We didn't finish, but we made a good start. They look homemade. Well...because they are! I had a brief moment of thinking, geez, what are the other moms going to think. And then I decided. Big flippin' deal (sorry for the replacement profanity there mom, but it is what I thought!) He had fun. I loved helping him and right now he thinks I'm the coolest mom EVER!

I'd show you what they look like, but it's not Valentine's Day yet!!


And in other news...

I've redesigned my work website Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time and the moms will say"why didn't I think of that.
Love U

L & O said...

Leo made cards last year and we followed the tradition again this year. He loves it when we do crafts, even though he is only interested for maybe 20mins. I end up finishing them up, but he gets excited about them nonetheless.

Michelle Filo said...

I think they are actually going to love it :) At least I did love the Christmas cards I knew were hand made and I could not even understand the writting, I think it is awesome :)

Michelle Filo said...

PS. LOOOVE the new banner (maybe not so new, it has been a while since I last stoped by hehehe)


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