Sunday, February 01, 2009

Quiet Weekend?

Our quiet weekend became a weekend filled with unexpected house guests, a moody mom, and a photo shoot for a six month old. By 3PM today Ian was napping and Shea and I were exhausted! While the rest of the world watched the big game, we sat at our computers and enjoyed a few superbowl type snacks and did our own thing!

I made a page that I LOVE. Just makes me smile when it comes together so easily with a result I'm happy with. That just doesn't seem to happen very often. And it seems I'm back to orange again!
Credits here

And my favorite photo of today? Ian insisted he pose just like Baby E who visited our house for her photoshoot today. So imagine a six month old baby girl under a cleaner version of Ian's dirty blanket and you have a fairly good idea of what my other photos from the morning look like! Oh, the face paint? Darth Maul of course on top and a pirate beard on the chin!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very full day, and cute pictures of a three almost 4 year old.
Love U


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