Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today My Heart Is Breaking

I spent the day with a group of state supervisors today who are facing receiving layoff notices and/or who are managing staff who will be receiving those notices. It was an emotional day.

When Shea picked me up he gave me the news that is making my heart break. Ian's nonprofit parent-cooperative preschool had to lay off two people today. Two wonderful "educarers" who have touched our lives in such a special way.  E looked at Ian on his second day of school in September and said, "I think he's ready to be potty trained, do you want me to try?" I told her of course since nothing we've been doing at home is making any progress. One week later the little man was out of diapers completely. Taking care of his business, accident free ever since (knocking on wood here) Painlessly for us. She was just magic. She could watch the kids and just know exactly what to say or do and they would fall in line. She would laugh when I'd tell her stories of how Ian was at home compared to how he is at school. It will not feel the same to take him to school tomorrow. I'm just so sad.  We'd ask him who his friends are at school and she was always on the list before anyone in the three year old crowd. He called her his "best friend."

She has been such an important part of our family and I didn't even get to say goodbye.


Heather said...

Oh what horribly sad news! *She* will be in our thoughts for a bright future in these dark times.

Hopefully Ian will bounce back when it settles in for him that she is gone. It's sad that he must feel the losses of the current economic situation too.

wendy said...

i'm so sorry katrina. there is nothing worse than losing a dear caregiver of our kids.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry makes me cry..I know how much Ian loved her
Love U

Stephanie Vetne said...

Oh I am so sad for all of you. I would be devastated if we lost any of our kids' teachers, so I can only imagine how hard this is. ((((hugs)))) to all of you. :)

Terri Davenport said...

That's such sad news. She seems like such a special person.
Hugs to you and Ian.

Myra said...

I'm so sorry Katrina. This is everywhere. I hope Ian has settled in to the change by now. Sending a hug your way.


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