Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Ian has been counting down for today for at least a month! He talked about it all the time and announced what he was going to be on an hourly basis. Of course, I should have seen the signs. His costume of choice changed EVERY TIME HE SPOKE!

To name a few:
and I know I'm forgetting the entire list he created after he got his hands on a copy of the Pottery Barn Kids' Catologue for October.

Vampire with a cape had been his request since the beginning. He asked me repeatedly if he could have a cape. Then he asked if he could call Mumzy so she could make him a cape. Then he called her. When he got the costume she made in the mail he was COMPLETELY excited. Put it on and paraded around the house.

And then...

He woke up this morning and really wanted no part of Halloween. No dressing up. Okay I thought, 3PM before his school's trick or treat outing through midtown. No problem.

His friends showed up for a morning rainy day playdate and cupcake decorating (errr eating) party. Addy was a lovely pink fairy. And Ian was obsessed...with her wand, her wings, her pinkness. He wouldn't stop asking me if he could share it, have it, use it, be it. It when on and on until I made him his own wings (thank goodness for old unused paper scrapbooking supplies!). He made a lovely rendition of Puck complete with wings and no shirt. (I know, technically Puck didn't have wings, but whatever...technically he was made up)

I'd show photos but it seems I've filled up my external hard drive and have NO MORE ROOM for photos on my computer!! Guess what I'm getting this weekend?!

The rest of the day well...had it's highlights and moments. I'll post more tomorrow. It makes me too tired to think about now.

On a positive note...what did I learn today?

Halloween is for kids. Costumes are just that. And if the kiddo wants to be a fairy/pirate/bear/vampire at the same time. So be it. Hats off to all of the parents out there who send their kids trick or treating in the worst costumes ever because that is what your kiddo wanted to wear!! (pottery barn be damned...)

oh...and mom...there are no photos of Ian in his amazing costume...because he never actually wore the entire thing together today...but it was a great costume.

He'll wear it for Christmas I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

oh well he is 3 and if he wants wings and a wand so be it, next year who knows, the sewing machine is always ready for the next adventure.It makes me happy he had fun...
Love U

Michelle Filo said...

makes me feel like celebrating it here... even though no one else does :)


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