Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A BIG Week!

My mom is headed into town...should be here within an hour and a half! So excited to have her here all week. Lots of fun things planned including a day of just the two of us! Don't tell her that I'm taking her to the Governor's Mansion. She's always wanted to go, we've just never been able to work it into our day!

AND...the biggie?

Ian is going to ride the train home with her on Friday. His first train trip and his first weekend away from us! I'm a little worried about how he'll do, but excited for him to have the adventure! I'm taking photos of my friend's wedding this weekend so it works out great for us.

Now, I just need to get my mom a camera so she can document the weekend for me...


Anonymous said...

tell my best friend in the whole world hi for me and just MAYBE i'll get to meet the kid. call me my friend and we'll take Ian to lunch. have a fun week trina sue

Michelle Filo said...

how exciting for you guys!!!!! I am sure he will be fine :)

Anonymous said...

Tuesday was a wonderful day, so much fun, I loved the tour, going to Ians "school" and seeing the look on his little face when he saw me. and the time we spent at peets, both places, but the best part is just being with all of you, Ian and I had so much fun playing hide & seek..
Love U


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