Friday, October 03, 2008


Just a little look at a bit of my week!

1. Woke up
2. Checked email and Designer Digitals
3. Got back in bed with Ian
4. Got up again
5. Drank Cin. Dolce Latte (no whip :)) with Shea
6. Said goodbye to Shea
7. Watched Clifford the Big Red Dog with Ian
8. Worked on a scrapbook page
9. Played with Ian
10. Started cleaning the kitchen
11. Gave Ian snacks
12. Finished scrapbook page
13. Cleaned kitchen more
14. Played "this little piggy" with Ian
15. Attempted to get Ian to nap
16. Ate lunch
17. Attempted to get Ian to lay down
18. Gave up on nap
19. Played with Ian
20. Finished a monumental cleaning of the kitchen
20. Shea home from work!
21. Made/Ate/cleaned up dinner
22. Played on computer while Shea took Ian to the park (in the rain!)
22. Put Ian to bed
23. Listened to the rain
24. Played on computer and listened to movie Shea was watching


Anonymous said...

Rain! you got rain?
Love U

myra said...

Sound like a perfect day to me!


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