Monday, October 27, 2008


My entire goal tonight is to keep Ian awake. That's it. As long as we (I) can do it. He is excited. He gets a "special" night with plenty of snacks and videos and games and whatever it takes to stay awake.

The past three years we have done everything imaginable to get him to sleep. On a schedule. Without interuption. As much as he wanted. As much as we could get him to take.

And now that changes.

He needs to sleep through his EEG tomorrow at 1230. So we are going on the technician's advice of keeping him up until 11pm and waking him up at 5am. He's eating french fries right now in his underwear watching netflix on demand. Life is just good in 3 year old land.


myra said...

Hang in there Katrina. At least it's bliss for Ian, even if it's not for you. I can only imagine. Good luck today, and keep us posted. I'll be looking at the clock at 3:30 E, saying a prayer.

Michelle Filo said...

I hope it was actually a nice bonding time at night :) please let us know how the results go, but I know it will be all clear!



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