Thursday, October 16, 2008

There's a Mouse in the House!

So up at 330AM because I fell asleep with Ian at 800PM! Sitting in my office just taking a little stroll to a few of my favorite places on the internet. I hear something fall beside my desk. Not a huge fall. More of a scooting of something, like the noise you hear when something just shifts because it is in a precarious position. Then I hear it again.

And, who knows why, I decide to investigate. At 345AM!

I move some art that is stacked against the wall in my desk waiting to be hung (once I paint, remove the carpet, get new furniture, etc, etc). First the evidence. Tiny little bits of a Hershey's Kiss wrapper in the corner. A corner that Ian couldn't possibly get to. I continue to investigate (what am I thinking)

And then I hear it. The scamper of little feet as it runs in fright away from me. I scream even though I don't see it. I have no idea the size. No idea the color.

Now it is 4:00AM and I'm freaked out.

My feet are on top of my computer under my desk. No way I'm putting them on the ground. I'm listening for the slightest noise.

And all I can think is...why is the silly thing in my office? Doesn't it know that at any given moment Ian has left a smorgasbord of treats on the floor in the living room??!

Ah the joys of living close to the river...

(oh and that scream at 345AM? Unanswered by my sleeping hubby...geez...)


myra said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong! We have roaches here. I'm not sure which is worse.

Michelle Filo said...

LOL to the remark of hubby not waking up :)
I am easily scared by spiders and other critters that sting.. but not by mauses for som reason... lucky me I guess ;) LOL


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