Thursday, October 02, 2008

Not Often Enough

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Ian's friends got together at "our" park this afternoon. They have all grown into these little just amazes me! They get so excited when they see each other and today just squeeled with absolute delight! We just don't get together as often as we used to. Preschool schedules, new brothers (all brothers!), and busy lives.

Over three years ago we all met in prenatal yoga and for whatever reasons, connected, and have kept in touch. Moms and kiddos have been an important part of my becoming a mom having something resembling sanity!

We started gathering for coffee when they were just weeks old sharing stories of sleepless nights and developmental milestones. Now we gather at the park (or some other place the kids can run) and talk about funny things they say and Halloween costumes. Everyone says time goes by fast, they weren't kidding!!

*****Week In The Life Project*********
1. Wake up ( a little later)
2. Get Ian up and dressed for school
3. Ride bike to Preschool
4. Be mobbed by a dozen 3 year olds who all want pictures taken
5. Decaf soy cap at Weatherstone
6. Quick visit by Justin who saw my bike outside
7. Home for a little work
8. A little laundry
9. A little internet surfing
10. Meet Amity for lunch (a long one!)
11. Pick Ian up
12. Go to park to meet kiddos
13. Go across street to our house with the herd of kids because you can't convince only one of them to go the bathroom!
14. Play with kiddos
15. See Paul's sweet new iMac with 24inch monitor! *jealous*
16. Dinner...picked up again...bad eating week for some reason!
17. Watch the debate (if you can call it that)
18. Howl at the moon with Ian
19. Play with photos
20. Go to bed a little earlier than normal! (!)

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