Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Place Where Vision, High School Rodeos, & Being Vegan Collide

I'm reading Visionmongers: Making A Life And A Living in Photography, an amazing book about photography and vision and passion and choices and direction. I love how the author describes photography and passion. "You don't do it because you can, but because you can't not." I can completely connect with the drive, the urge, the need to photograph, to strive to be better to constantly ask the question, "am I good enough."

And then today I found myself at a High School Rodeo. I was there to watch my niece and of course I took my camera. Because I always take my camera. Everywhere.

Did I mention I'm vegan? I don't eat meat. I don't eat anything that came from an animal. The leather products I own are from my pre-vegan life as it now seems wasteful to simply throw them away. I'm going to at least use them up before I replace them.

And there I was. In the heart of beef eating, cattle herding, PETA loathing rodeo land. With my camera. So I took photos. A lot of photos. And although there was part of me thinking, what kind of hypocrite am I? The photographer in me was amazed at the movement, the light, the beauty I could capture.

Ok. So my calling isn't in rodeo images. I know that. It would suck the very life from me. But for one day, for a few hours. I completely enjoyed it. And in so many ways it was easier than photographing 4 year olds!


Myra said...

You know, sometimes it's about appreciating where you are and seeing the beauty of it. I'm like you - wouldn't get a whole lot from going to a rodeo. It would feel weird. But you captured beautiful images.

Amy L said...

I love those action shots, Katrina!

Kimberly said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you could make it to Oakdale, was afraid that the month was going to go by and I would miss seeing Ian.Something to think about, several of the kids that participate in the rodeo do not eat meat.:) found that out last night
Love U mom

Britgirl said...

i linked to you too :)
my most inspirational friend. can you take me to a rodeo? and bake me vegan cakes?? I'll take you to winchester and the New forest... deal?! ;)

amanda said...

where are the other pictures you took, i heard you took some good ones of miss kylie


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