Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sneak Feet Peek!

I'm an everyday photographer. I carry my camera with me everywhere. I shoot what inspires me. What catches my eye. What I feel like shooting in the moment. Every now and then someone will ask me to take photos because they really get me. They understand that I'm not a posy posy matchy matcherson kind of person. They may not understand I'm going to make their kids say silly things, run, jump and do other craziness, but they get me.

Today I got to spend time with two families who just get me! We've known them for several years and just adore them! I knew too that they are dear friends so we planned for a little family overlap. I love the photos of the two families together. I think the kids just shined with their friends!

So here's just a tiny peek at them! Okay, more like a little tease ;) I'll post more soon!

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