Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stopping By For the Evening

Every fall they arrive in town. Usually downtown. They are loud but not too loud. They are fascinating to watch as they flit between trees, fly off in all directions. Sometimes seem to have a purpose and sometimes none at all. Last night they landed in our trees. For at least an hour they flew around, landed, and repeated.

We stood in the alley, the direction of the best light and just watched. And listened. Ian recorded with the video camera. I photographed them. And Shea gave direction. It was his idea to get them in flight. No easy task as they are quick. But I caught them. It wasn't until I sat at my computer that I saw just how amazing the photos could be. I typically don't do so much processing. These just called for it.


Anonymous said...

Nice job, they are amazing to watch when we lived in the brick house they would fly into the trees across the street about this time of year by the dozens.

beth said...

Wow! It's amazing, what a special thing to watch. Your pictures are beautiful! It's like a spooky little reminant of Halloween. Love it!

kristin said...

so beautiful. a whisper indeed.

love flight.

Anonymous said...

sooooo.....what are they????
besides birds.

Terry said...



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