Monday, February 25, 2008

About A Boy's Mom

I'm pretty simple.

My sheets don't coordinate with the duvet that covers them. My child's bed has sheets that covered my bed that also happen to fit his. My house is a mismatch of furniture purchased here and there over time when I was in a not so frugal mood, but not so wild as to buy sets of anything (other than the dining room, which happened in a week pregnant moment) My walls are all the same ugly color of off white. There are about 2 pieces of art and 6 photos hanging in the entire house. My desk is a cluttered mess. My "office" (aka breakfest nook) frightens even me. and I haven't "worked" in it in months opting for my space in the living room instead.

There are typically goldfish under the couch and in every available nook and cranny in the car. There are more toys and books in my living room than anything that might be called home decor. I wear black, red, or black...and usually just the same 5 things interchangeabley since I don't see the same people more than once or twice a month. (except of course my neighbors, but they've seen the inside of my home, so my dress should come as no surprise).

I don't buy paper towels. Or paper napkins. Or well, much of anything that can't be ordered via prime and lately thru subscribe and save. I haven't been to "the mall" in almost 2 years or to Target for almost 2 months and don't even get me started on the W place. I take my own bags everywhere and if I forget I just carry what I buy in my hands. People think I'm weird.

So...what does this all matter?

I've been dabbling in the world of scrapbooking for a while. And if you run with the stereotypes of that world, well, I just don't really fit. Except I'm a crazy mom who wants to grab every possible moment with Ian and write it down so that somehow I'm preserving that little guy who has changed my world in more ways than I could ever imagine. I want to remember today when he said, "big boy underwears pants" and then proceeded to announce that he was "stinky" in those bbup's. I want to recall the smell of his little head after a bath and the look in his eye when he spies me across the room at "school" at the end of the day. It is an obsession. It feels like if I don't capture it at this moment, somehow some little portion of him will disappear.

So...that dabbling grew to an entirely new level when I discovered the online world of digital scrapbooking at www.designerdigitals. That grew into a community of people, a community of friends, a very safe place. We've chatted, shared ideas, thoughts, and the moments of our worlds that we are all working so hard to preserve. Then (probably because I bugged them so much with all of my posts, they couldn't stand it) I was selected to be part of their Creative Team. I'm still just in a little shock over that one! Now, not only am I obsessed, but now I've agreed to scrap for them! Then add to that I thought I'd try a little magazine submission just for kicks! And well...seems Simple Scrapbooks and Digital Scrapbooking Magazine both liked a little of my work! And they're paying me for it! Crazy!!

So that brings me to the point of this very very long post! I got an email from the VERY talented Debbie Hodge and she asked me to design for her Scrap Yourself class at NYCScraps. Wow! Stunned again!

And my sheets don't even match my duvet!


Trude said...

Sure, but this way you know you won't regret missing anything in his life! There are so many more important things than decor.

Anonymous said...

I love when 'Katrina the writer' pops out. She's still in there.

Michelle Filo said...

oh Katrina, congratulations!!! you so deserve everything that is going for you :) macthing duvets or not (you should see my place LOL) thanks for opening up, it made me a little teary! (I am a lot teary lately!)

Anonymous said...

First CONGRATULATIONS I am very proud of you..
Seond and maybe the most important.."house work is always there, babies arn't"
You grow up why to fast for my
Love U

Leo said...

Congrats, Katrina! How wonderful that you have found something you love to do and now someone is paying you to do it!! Yay! Being different is a good thing.


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