Friday, February 01, 2008


Wow...I missed this entire week! Not sure how that happened!

Just when I was frustrated that there was NO LIGHT for good photos...the sun came out! And so did Ian's tongue. After eating about 5 cupcakes!

Have a good weekend. I'll be better next week!
And Michelle...
The Wow photos were me flying into IronForge (woohooo you) and right before the exit of DeadMines!


kayter said...

i want my tiger picture!!! just the picture nothing snazzy!!!

Michelle Filo said...

oh wow, I guess I never looked back when exiting Deadmines (and you would not believe how many times I did it) very unique perspective.
Me with a brand new camera and trying to learn things -> also upset I can't find good light to shoot!
Love Ian's picture! You know, I am completely in love with that little guy :)

Anonymous said...

Five cupcakes bet he was on one big sugar high love those blue eyes
Love Mumzy


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