Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yummy - POTD 2

Yummy, originally uploaded by sheakey.

He's such a nut! He would live on ice cream sandwiches alone if we let him! He willingly stood in our "light spot" and let me take this, then insisted he "see Ian."

This might also be his cat imitation as he's decided he is now a cat. He crawls around, purrs, meows, and was caught today eating out of his bowl just like a cat would...

We don't even have a cat!


Trude said...

Now that is funny!! I remember when my youngest brother used to crawl through the cat flap, but not sure if he ever had a full on "cat" phase. I say humor the kid, you might have a budding Cirque de Soleil performer on your hands! ;)

Sara said...

oh my gosh, Katrina! too funny! Ian is so much fun, isn't he?!

Love this photo - the catch light in his amazing eyes and your perspective are terrific!

abieco said...

his expression is so funny! i've heard of dog phases but this is the first time i heard of a kid having a cat phase.

Anonymous said...

Ian, are you trying to be like Lucy?..
What a picture, those eyes,
Love you Mumzy

thyme4me said...

What beautiful eyes! You captured a precious moment. Funny how kids like to mimic things. Part of growing and learning.


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