Monday, February 04, 2008

Rock Out!

While the rest of America was watching the Superbowl, Shea Ian and I were rockin' out with Dan Zanes! What a great time! A little overwhelming for Ian with all of the people, but after a few songs he warmed up to what it was all about! He danced, sang, clapped and had a great time!

He even jumped up and down on my lap to the song "jump up" and when it was done threw his hands up in the air and yelled "wooohoo!" What a great first concert experience.

I didn't take my camera because of their "no camera" thing at the Mondavi Center so only have blurry photos from my new phone. There were so many flashes going...I wish I'd brought my real camera...but I still have the memories. The red jacket is Dan, the black blob on the right is me and you can just see Ian's head to the right of mine! that I look again, I don't think you can see Ian at all. But he really was there! Good times!

1 comment:

Michelle Filo said...

how awesome Katrina :) truly memorable!


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