Friday, February 22, 2008


steamers, originally uploaded by sheakey.

This photo is not really about Ian...but in a way it is. Before Shea and I were married we would ride our bikes here and have a coffee on Fridays afterwork. That was 12 years ago. Since then we've taken family and friends and Ian. It wasn't a great place. The service was bad. The food was okay. The coffee was okay. But so many memories connected to it. I remember watching tourists walk by with Shea. Drinking tea there with my Aunt and my Mom. I recall spending time there with my inlaws when Ian was just tiny. And so many great talks with Shea about our future.

And today I discovered it has closed. So sad.


Anonymous said...

Time marches on and that can be sad, but, Hey! We have a Lowe's store now! woohoo

Michelle Filo said...

oh, sorry to hear it closed down. When I go to Brazil I find so many places don't exist anymore, I get sad with these things, but life goes on, right?

Ian's photo in the previous post is AMAZING, that is what I call "light spot :) his eyes are just gorgeous! When I grow up I want to take photos like you LOL

Sara said...

oh now that's sad. it's hard to watch the passage of time sometimes.

your iphone takes great photos! lucky duck!

abieco said...

That's so sad! This reminds me of the time when we noticed that the resto where my husband and I had our first date closed. We just had to stop our car, stare at the resto and tried to find signs that they were just renovating. A few weeks later, the building was demolished.

thyme4me said...

I'm sure you have fond memories and times to treasure. It looks like it was a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

That makes me sad..
I think that is one of the first places you took me when I came to visit


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