Friday, July 25, 2008

Jubillee Friday

Ever have one of those so full days you can barely recall things you did in the morning? Today was one of those days. Six hours ago feels like about 6 days ago!

Ian and I spent the morning at a Friends of Grant Park event with Music Matt! He was great. A lot of singing, dancing, and fun! MMatt sang one song and then asked everyone if they knew their ABC's. Random hands in the air. He then asked for a volunteer to sing it with him and a cute little girl went up to him, said her name, and chickened out and went back to her seat. He moved on to another song and just kept the flow going. About 1 1/2 songs later Ian stood up, looked at me, and said, "I wanna sing." And away he ran. Without a moment's hesitation he was in front of the group of 40 or so moms, dads, and kiddos standing by a microphone that was 3 times his size.
He told Matt his name and then sang his ABC's in front of everyone. You could hear most of them even! I was so overwhelmed I didn't get the best pictures, but wow, what a moment! Yes, I cried, because geez, there was my kiddo standing there all on his own singing his little heart out without ONE OUNCE of fear or hesitation. When he was done. We clapped. He ran back to me and Matt went on with the show.

Then the drums came out! He LOVED them! Waited his turn and then sat right down like he'd played a million times before!

Later in the day he recieved his first birthday gift via mail! A great book and this wild shirt from Cousin Kirin! Obviously he approves!

POTD 072508-1, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

Grandma and Grandpa are here, which makes his day. Tomorrow Mumzy,. Gramps and Lainie arrive. And then the big birthday bash! Pirate Party pictures tomorrow!

It's a true jubillee around our house!


Miss N said...

Happy Jubilee!

Why did the pirate blush?
Because the sea-weed!

Michelle Filo said...

Oh wow, I would have cried too! you must have been soooo proud!!!
Girl, you have been blogging a lot lately just when I decided to take easy on the blog visting and get more stuff done around here :) I am happy things have been so great, wish I wast there to come to teh party :)

The Downtown Boutique said...

What a wonderful day he must have had! You have taken some beautiful photos!



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