Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday? Sunday?

Today felt like Sunday all day. I love days like that! It makes you enjoy the extra day just that much more!

To celebrate the completion of our living room painting project we rode our bikes to the "big taqueria." Always a good bet for me since they will cook my veggies exactly like I need them without giving me that "geez lady you are annoying look."

After finishing rice and beans Ian was a little anxious to leave. "You all done guys?" Since we weren't he decided to wear the guacamole bowl on his head. And being the bad mom that I am I took a picture of it instead of telling him to take it off! I'm not sure why they put them on the table anyway. I think it is their little marketing maneuver...if they see the empty vessel on the table they will want to fill it with the green stuff...

He's such a little ham!

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