Monday, July 14, 2008

POTD 071308

POTD 071308, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

We had our first party at our house! A post softball game bbq for Justin's store. A completely fat free vegan meal and NO ONE complained! In fact they ate more than I could have ever imagined!

About midway through carrying all of the food out Shea and I realized we didn't know were Ian was. I went to the front door, Shea went to the back. He is usually really good about saying, "I'm in here" when we call his name. For some reason this time he said nothing. Justin's friend and coworker saw him and Shea and I went running. He had made his way into the back corner of our yard by my vegetables -- a place he has never gone alone. He told us he fell and he sat so sadly with his lower lip curled and tears in his eyes. I don't know that I've ever felt so sad for him. I'm not sure why he was there.

Fortunately 10 minutes later he was okay again, even introducing himself to people with an extended hand and the "hi I'm Ian" greeting! He cracks me up!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how sad, poor little guy.. where was mumzy when she was needed to watch my guy.. glad all turned out well..
Love U


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