Thursday, July 10, 2008

POTD 071008

POTD 071008, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

Self Portrait time!

He was playing in the sprinkler this afternoon since our house was HOT! He would run in it, run to me and try to dry himself off on my shirt. He finally figured out if he snuck up from behind and hugged me it had the best effect of getting him dry and me wet!

I'm not a fan of being IN photos but I liked this...although the longer I look at this the more it is beginning to look like I photoshopped my head in...wonky angle! (and wow is my head big compared to his or what??!!) Thanks to Jessica Sprague for the great ShaZam technique for jazzing this up some.

Great visit with my mom and neice and tomorrow!

Ohhhh and here's the muffin man story. Credits here It's also on the Designer Digitals blog!

(this was a very link happy post!!)


Michelle Filo said...

awww how lovely to see you :) this photo is the cutest and I love the muffin man LO

denise:) said...

I was looking at my "competition" for that adorable camera strap in Jessica's Photoshop Friday tutorial and had to let you know that pic is wonderful!! You don't look wonky, and it has such a fun feeling with you and your son? nephew? A treasure!

(ps, i'm gonna win that camera strap! lol!)

I will be back - your photos are marvelous!


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