Tuesday, July 01, 2008

POTD 070108

POTD 070108, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

I love summer vacation! Shea and I play a different game everyday! We've been through dominos, cribbage and today Scrabble! And well...let's just say that that long word you see is mine. And yes it was 71 points! Every tile! Wooohooo!

I can't wait to teach Ian to play! He'll be the 4th generation of Scrabble player in my family! :-)

Well...I hope I can teach Ian to spell since my friend Mollie just pointed out that I spelled painting wrong!! Shea and I never even noticed that an N was missing!! Oh MY goodness!! I played it, scored it, and we never even noticed it was missing an N!! LOL Thanks MOllie :) SO much for that score!! But to my credit that blank could have been an N instead of the S!!

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Anonymous said...

Ok! from the second generation of scrabble players I challenge paitings ?????

Love you


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