Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello Santa

We took Ian to ride the train in Old Sacramento today...with Santa! He was so excited about it!
I'd show you more, but then what fun would our Christmas cards be?! (credits here)

And, out of order, but here is our Thanksgiving  recap in photos!

Joining 30,000 people to "run" to feed the hungry. So many people that a brisk walk wasn't possible! Unless you are my brother, Justin, who finished 26th overall! Ian placed 8,524!
Mariachis for breakfast after our race! We've decided it needs to be a new family tradition!

Dinner (that bag is Ian's turkey centerpiece!)

and what holiday dinner would be complete without olives!?!

We missed being with the rest of our family. It was strange to cook without mom, but we'll be home soon to see them all! We did a "do-over" Thanksgiving dinner last night with Justin and friends! The food tasted better and well...much wine was enjoyed! Definitely repeating that tradition (perhaps a little less wine though!)

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Anonymous said...

Your Thanksgiving table is pretty and Ian 8000 way to go one day you will run with Uncle and then you will be 25th...
Love U..Oh and the Turkey center peice was great...


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