Tuesday, November 04, 2008

POTD 110408

POTD 110408, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

What a phenomenal day this has been. History. We witnessed it. We created it. WOW! We've come along way since say mmmm 40 years ago.

Shea was in line with a woman tonight who was worried about the no cell phones sign in the polling place. He said she had that nervous chatter of someone who hadn't voted before. He assured her that it meant you couldn't talk on them, it was okay for it to be in your pocket. She said, "I just want my vote to count. They'll do anything so that it doesn't." He was pretty certain it was her first vote. And he was pretty certain she was about 50 years old. And she so wanted her vote to count this time.

And it did. It really really did.

And, because I take my camera everywhere. Here is the vote that I cast while holding Ian because I wanted him to witness history first hand. I wanted to be able to say, little man I held you in my left arm while I marked this with my right.


sam ellis said...

Wow Katrina I have been following the whole election for MONTHS and I too am VERY happy about the result.

i was so happy to SEE the ballot paper in this post - it made it even more real to me --10000 miles away.

thanks and CONGRATS on your new president.

Chris said...

I didn't think one could take a camera in the booth, lol. - What a cool thing to do, and what a neat way to show your pride in doing what you felt was right! Good for you, and good for us that enough people felt the same way!


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