Monday, November 24, 2008

What Happened To The Turkey?

Ian announced to me today that "for Thanksgiving I want a pig."

That had me just a tad bit worried so I asked, "what are you going to do with the pig?" In my head I kept saying, please don't say eat it! Very matter of fact he stated, "I will play with it in my house." 

We went for a little afternoon caffeine fix for poor Shea who is stuck in a cycle of falling asleep at 7PM and waking up at 3AM. Ian was thrilled to see a police officer come in and instantly demanded a badge from him. (I can't even count the number of badges he's demanded!) The officer asked him if Santa was coming soon. Of course, Ian looked directly at him and said "Thanksgiving is first and I'm getting a pig." So I got to explain to a gun toting complete stranger that we are vegetarian so he's not eating the pig, he just wants a pet pig and doesn't realize that they grow to be 5 million pounds.

There won't even be a turkey on Thanksgiving, the kiddo is definitely NOT getting a pig! But I'm still wondering where he got the silly pig idea in the first place?! 


Anonymous said...

Oh Ian you made me laugh this morning so many cute things come out of your mouth..a Pig..Oh well you didn't ask for a elephant..
Love you...

myra said...

I hate to break it to you Katrina, but you can have a pig for a pet. Don't ask me where you get them though. :)

Michelle Filo said...

I am sure he saw turkeys around, maybe in ads for thanksgiving and thought a pig would be much more fun to play with. you should totally get him a toy one and if he complains you say he wasn't specific enough LOL


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