Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On This Day 40 Years Ago...

Remember being a kid and thinking 40 was so old?? Yeah, me too. And well...maybe it is. I wanted to just stay home tonight and sit in front of my pretty new birthday present and type mindless jibber to anyone who might care. I didn't care that there was no cake or candles. 

Thankful to have my two boys. And thankful to have a family to celebrate with and friends who sent wishes. 

Life is good. Very very good.


Britgirl said...

HAPPY happy birthday to you K.
may your new birthday year be fabulous, perfect and happy.
Enjoy your new pressie, that hubby of your is a very good boy! ;)
Will get you cake when we meet up!

Anonymous said...

40 years seems like yesterday, we had the usual mom daughter teenage thing..but what a wonderful great person you have turned out to be (I always knew you would be, even on those bad teens days when you justknew you were adopted. Love you Mom.

Michelle Filo said...

happy b-day girl... and then, life begins? :)


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