Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Can I Hug Her?

POTD 010709, originally uploaded by katrina.kennedy.

Ian is obsessed with hugs lately! I'm loving the stage since just a few weeks ago he refused. This little sweetie came for a visit today and Ian hugged her about 10 times. It was adorable! Of course Zoe would stop and pose for the camera but Ian was EVERYWHERE!

On another note...

My bags are packed and I'm headed out of town early tomorrow AM! A 4 day weekend with an amazing group of women with no children! Just us taking photos and running around the Happiest Place on Earth (well, the 2nd Happiest, since we all know the original is in Anaheim!)

See you when I return! (with lots of photos to prove it!)

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Laura in CT said...

Just bookmarked your site, Katrina, after following a link from DD--super photos, as always! I can always use more photo inspiration, and I love your black background.

(LauraBean at DD)


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