Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friends, Friday, and Weekends

It rained almost the entire week! What a perfect perfect week! Ian really wanted to wear his boots so we ventured out on Friday so he could! I asked him what I should take pictures of, he called things out, and I followed his orders! He saw this puddle and said, take a picture of the puddle. and then paused. With me stomping it! So out of the stroller he jumped so he could stomp! I tried to get a fun reflection photo in the water but he thought it was far more fun to stomp on my reflection! Boys...

He did suggest the fire hydrant and a variety of other things you will see in a layout soon!
We met Kathy and kiddos at Hina's for a little tea. I just love that Ian and Addy have known each other for their entire lives! He really doesn't play with anyone else like he does with her. Of course, they do enjoy getting into mischief together and breaking random household items but, they certainly have fun doing it! 

And because I know Kathy reads this, here is her little guy. Isn't he just the cutest? I love his little personality, just makes my heart melt. And I cannot get over just how much he looks like his dad! Crazy!
Today I met with Jennifer F. for a little coffee at Java Lounge. Such a fun funky photogenic spot. I can't believe that I've never been! I refrained myself some since I was there to time though...I'm taking photos of everything! We then walked over to the Tower to see Slumdog Millionaire. Great movie. Intense. Made me tired. Will need to post more about it later. 
Oh, and did I mention, that I arrived home to find Shea had ripped one of the kitchen cabinets from the wall? Big ugly dirty wall space with lots of holes in the really old plaster wall... He said we'd talked about it. Of course, that was 6 months ago! So now I'm trying to embrace it...and well, hate to admit that it does look better. I really hate my kitchen cabinets!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Corbett is beginning to look like a little boy, not a baby and those pretty eyes, so cute.
Fun picture blue boots red jacket in a mud puddle could be no boots no jacket and look at me mom lol.
love you.


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