Friday, January 02, 2009

I'm Hugging You Momma

I'd post another beer photo, but you might begin to think that is all we do in this house!
So instead, here is Ian.

He asked for Reader Rabbit today after not caring about it for A VERY LONG time. So Shea set him up at his kiddo sized desk with old headphones that Shea used in his WOW raiding days. So there is a little boy in heaven: gold fish, bear jams, super duper headphones and Reader Rabbit. When he first played RR he couldn't move the mouse or do anything. Now he plays along without assistance and sings along to every song!

Oh, and just in case you were too worried about us. Shea did brew another batch today : ) And then he made this...
I was saddened to discover yesterday that the Veghead pizza I'd been ordering from Original Pete's actually has MILK in the crust! Ahhhh... so in response Shea made me an extremely tasty vegan pizza for dinner tonight. Best creamy garlic sauce EVER with absolutely no cream! Almost fat free and super yummy! Bet you wish you'd had some too!


Britgirl said...

firstly what the heck is reader rabbbit?? :)
and secondly tell me how to make that pizza right now this minute!!!
beautiful blog as always K

Anonymous said...

Love Ian in his bear jams and those big head phones, but that pizza looks soo yummy and with one of Shea's beers almost heaven..
love U


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